During the 15th USNCCM conference held in Austin, TX on July 28 – August 1, 2019, the USACM Executive Committee (EC) approved a proposal submitted by Professor Tom Hughes of establishing a Female Researchers Chapter/Group in USACM. The mission of USACM-FRG is to promote gender balance among the US computational mechanics community and to provide a supportive network for female researchers. As approved by the EC, USACM-FRG is charged with proposing actions to improve gender diversity within USACM, and USACM provides support on networking meetings, travel awards for young female researchers, and other related activities. USACM-FRG is an affiliate of IACM-FRC. 

USACM-FRG is run by its committee, and the 1st committee consists of 10 officers and 10 members-at-large. The committee is supervised by an advisory board.